SÍTÓN aðild að ICMP

Brussels, 8 April 2013 – The ICMP Board has approved unanimously the associate membership applications of … the Icelandic Music Publishers Association (SITON) … at its board meeting of 18 March 2013.

Founded in 2012 by 10 music publishers, Iceland’s SITON is in its infancy but “working with ICMP is important to realise our growth and will help us gain access to best practise for the benefit of music publishers and the general music market in Iceland,” said SITON Chairman, Gylfi Gardarsson.

Welcoming the three new members, ICMP Director General Ger Hatton said, “We are very pleased to have these new members from the North and South of Europe who will help our international advocacy programme, through a consolidated global presence, in addressing key IP and copyright issues on behalf of the worldwide music publishing community.”